Sunday, September 17, 2017

September golf

Golfing in the early fall is totally different from summer golf. This weekend I experienced two of the many reasons--both delightful.

I was looking for my ball that I thought flew past some evergreen trees and as I approached the little grove, look what I found--an autumn group of mushrooms--which are all over the place in our world right now. This shot is via my phone as I put my club down. BTW, my ball was not here, luckily nearby out in the open!

I don't play on country club courses as a rule, but rather on these real country courses which in many cases have been built in between the grape fields. By mid-September the grapes are just about ready and their smell travels even into your car as you go by them-- Miles and miles of Concord grapes. This year has been a very, very good one, as I can personally attest now, as we taste-tested them on both the second and eighth holes! Sweet and warm and delicious. WOW!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hidden stars

I was utterly "gobsmacked" the other morning as I cut through the inner courtyard on the way to the dining room for breakfast. "Hidden" up against the west wall, so that you have to be out in the garden to see it, is this I've-been-green-all-summer trellised plant. WOW, look at it now! They look like little falling white star bursts.

Gobsmacked: adjective, chiefly British informal.
utterly astounded; astonished.

Contemporary definitions for gobsmacked:
flabbergasted, shocked.

And just in time for our 100+ guests this weekend for William Meninger's retreat!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Break in (late) summer

After a week of cool, damp days we caught a break in the weather for the weekend. It was particularly nice for a weekend retreat we had--a dozen or so women for Mid-Life, Long-Life sessions. They had a wonderful time, helped in at least a small part by milder temps and sunny days.

Meanwhile, yours truly was squeezing out all of summer that I could with a trip to Presque Isle. This time I found these sights--one in a pond, one along a roadside. Truly, heavenly.

A half a world away, in South Korea, our prioress was engaged in an international meeting of Benedictine women from around the world. Here she is (You can always tell the Americans!). She's having a great time and enjoying seeing some of the Korean sisters who had spent time with us here in Erie, in their native land and home monastery.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


My morning companion is looking at me (which is one of her major occupations whenever there is a person in the room) and chirping away softly.

Not a bad way to spend a rainy morning working at a desk....having another part of creation nearby. Ditto the flowering shamrock plant on the window sill.

(Don't miss the 1/2 crunched file cabinet label that she reached one in: Bring your pet to work day and be ready for anything!)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

On being and becoming


Everyone now and again wonders about
those questions that have no ready
answers: first cause, God's existence,
what happens when the curtain goes
down and nothing stops it, not kissing,
not going to the mall, not the Super

"Wild roses," I said to them one morning.
"Do you have the answers? And if you do,
would you tell me?"

The roses laughed softly, "Forgive us,"
they said. "But as you can see, we are
just now entirely busy being roses."

Don't Worry

Things take the time they take.
Don't worry.

How many roads did St. Augustine follow
before he became St. Augustine?

Mary Oliver

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Our beloved creek-pt 4

How is our creek restoration project doing, you ask? It is "settling in"--things are growing, I would say. Here is a long shot of the bank at the almost 90 degree turn that the creek makes and a close up of the grass which is growing very nicely, through the macrame-like carpet support that is, I suspect, part of the anti-erosion, new bank material. I don't know if the planting of bushes and trees will be taking place this fall or early next spring. We shall see. If you missed any of the first three reports, with photos, see blog entries on July 26, August 6 and August 13.

On another note, we received the nicest, supportive and complementary editorial in our local newspaper, the Erie Times News, Wednesday morning: "Benedictines lead quest for peace." The result was that over 200 people showed up that evening for the first of monthly silent walks for peace. WOW! Thank you Benedictines for Peace committee for your idea and efforts to get this latest venture started off and for making it one that welcomes participation by the whole city of Erie.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Our family tree

This week a new addition to our administrative hall is a framed poster that shows five "generations" of Benedictine communities of women of American federations all of which originated from a community in Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany and a small group of sisters that came here in 1852.

There are nine communities in along the trunk of the tree (first generation), many more than that in the second and third generations and even one in what is listed as the fifth generation. All total there are about 50: most are still active communities today, but a number have closed--some had rather short lives, others longer.

It's called A Heritage Tree and is a lovely project by the heritage committee that has been working on the archives et al of the first community of the tree: St. Joseph Monastery in St. Marys, PA 1852-2014.

The latest is a community in Puerto Rico, begun in 2000. And where do we fit in this "family"? We are number 2: 1856-