Sunday, July 15, 2018


Although the purpose of our trip was a funeral, this weekend we had a lovely summer car trip though Pennsylvania. The state, also known as Penn's Woods, is surely at its most beautiful right now--miles and miles of gorgeous farmland, hills, fields and breathe-taking vistas around every corner of Interstate 80. One of our sisters, a Buffalo, NY native, had never been across the state by car. Her experience of PA. has been limited to here in the northwest corner along Lake Erie. She was "blown away" by the great expanses and acres and acres of greenery.

Back here on the lake, we found this unusually large and weathered remains of a tree which looks as if it has totally converted to driftwood--that smooth, white, lightness that typifies driftwood. It's beautiful, but it always sets us musing on where it came from and how it got in the position it is in here on our beach!

The nightly news seems to bring us a daily dose of Mother Nature's assaults this summer, but dare I say, we are having a lovely far.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Two celebrations

We are having two celebrations this week. The first was today, the summer feast of Benedict. Forty oblates, guests, family members and friends joined us for Evening Prayer and supper. The dinner was delicious and the weather beautiful, too. This feast day is highlighted by once-a-year songs and prayers and beautiful chapel decor from our summer gardens.

On Saturday a number of us will travel across state to Philadelphia to celebrate the life of Isabel Wambach, 91, our prioress Anne's mother who died on Monday in Florida, the home of her other four daughters. Isabel was a lovely, lovely woman who often visited us with her husband Mike and her sister and brother-in-law. Later, she and her oldest daughter were regular Holy Week guests each year. We will miss her greatly.

Here's her obit from the Erie paper.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Wednesday, July 4, 2018


It is official: we have a single, twins and, just seen for the first time, triplets!
Darling, cute and endlessly entertaining.

Here's my first attempt at posting a video taken by one of our sisters, Sister Katherine, this weekend: triplets all trying to feed from their mother at the same time! Click full screen.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

July: in like a blast furnace

We got a little lulled to sleep in June with a slow, subtle turn into summer. Quite a bit of (summer) rain and moderate summer temps (75-80) most days. Then the calendar turned over to June 30-July 1 and the oven! I believe we hit 89 Saturday and 94 (new high) Sunday. was hot!

The human beings are uncomfortable, the nature around us seems much more adaptable. Here are four scenes from this weekend:

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Millennials all

Millennials: those born between 1982-2004 (which would make them 36-14 this year)

What a wonderful time we've had with the eight young women that are here for the first Joan Chittister Institute. They are SMART, fun, interesting, articulate, alarmingly open and trusting, and we feel nothing but blessed to have them among us.

Tuesday night they formed a panel with the community as the audience. They answered questions about their studies, their challenges as young Catholic women studying theology and/or religious studies in the Church today, and about their life far.

See for pictures and more information on this special, special program.

A big thanks to the Benetvision staff for the idea and for following through with the logistics and program to bring such delightful gals to our place. They tell us that they are thrilled to be here and we reflect it right back at them!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Hitting the Road

Here in "yes-we-did-have-that-much-snow" land, summer is time for hitting the road!

This week I have two friends who attended nieces' high school graduation about 50+ miles to the south; another friend heads to the Philly area next weekend to give a retreat to teachers; another sister just came back from a meeting near Baltimore; and later this week a couple car fulls will travel to  nearby northeastern Ohio to attend a funeral. Most of these day trips would definitely be iffy, if even seriously considered, if we were in February instead of June.

On the other hand, the nightly news of spring-summer natural disasters affecting so many areas of our country is scary: forest fires, tornadoes and lightening storms, volcano lava flows and even flooding from too much rain. Lots of suffering people in those areas. We remember them in our petitions weekly.

Those are not part of our relationship with Mother Nature here in the Great Lakes plains. Ours is pretty much confined to the white stuff!