Thursday, May 24, 2007

Send Us Your Spirit

The new All Saints Church in Waterford was the setting for the spring diocesan priest-sister gathering this week: "Claiming Our Pentecosts: the Role of the Spirit in our Lives and Ministry." Rev. Scott Detisch, a former presider at Sunday Eucharist at the Mount, gave reflections on four "Pentecosts" in our lives: ecclesial, sacramental, personal, and cosmic. He was---as always---just great! The reflections were creatively intertwined with readings, psalmody, and sung canticles. Four of our sisters, a Sister of Mercy, and one of the diocesan priests provided the music. Scott and one of our sisters, a recent recipient of a doctorate in liturgy, put the event together.
This month, Scott is leaving his teaching position at Christ the King Seminary to become pastor of Holy Cross parish in Fairview, a suburb just west of Erie.