Monday, May 7, 2007

A Tisket a Tasket

About 125 of our major donors joined us for Sunday liturgy and brunch yesterday. "The weather cooperated beautifully" as they say: sunny, warm---the best of spring in the northeast. As part of our annual thank you, donors receive a small gift bag. One year it included a key chain with a wooden fob made by a sister who is a wood turner. Another year, a 5" x 7" cross-stitched Benedictine cross with "Pax" in the center---the product of a half dozen sister crafters. Our donors always ooh and aah at the year's special gift, but we know why they really come: the fresh loaves of Benedictine bread that are a part of the bags each year! We could probably skip everything else and just give a "breads basket" and they'd still faithfully attend. I can't believe the $50,000+ gift baskets for last year's Oscar award presenters are more valued....or delicious.