Thursday, June 14, 2007

Time Out

Our community is on its annual retreat this week. A monk of St. John's Abbey is the director, giving two conferences each day. Many sisters contribute to extra special prayer and liturgies, which are creative, prayerful and add much to the week. The theme is the gospel message through the evangelist Mark and, to that end, here are two recent books on Mark's message that have excellent reviews: Fully Human, Fully Alive by the Australian Trappist, Michael Casey, a much admired and excellent spirituality writer, and The Lost Spiritual World by Ruth Rimm. The latter is a very contemporary, interfaith, beautifully illustrated experience. has 10 sample page illustrations which give a good flavor of the book. The book isn't even rectangular--the right side is a sort of wave! It's quite the creative endeavor. Michael Casey's latest book is An Unexciting Life: reflections on Benedictine spirituality. When I first read that I just laughed....I can't imagine his is such and mine certainly isn't, but I think I know what he means!

P.S. Anyone who read the May 3 posting remembers I promised an announcement of any new fawn.....and here it is: this Tuesday one of our sisters came upon a brand new fawn in our surrounding woods, right across from Hermitage #1 about half way to the gas well, for those who know our place. It was in the long grass, just peeking up its head. WOW! I think the fawn from last year are still around as we keep seeing two young ones---with the velvet beginnings of antlers between their ears. They must be our last year's twin boys.