Monday, July 2, 2007

Even With Wimples, We Can't Fly

A film crew from Loyola University of Chicago spent the day here last Friday. The director of the Women's Studies Dept. is making a full-length documentary, A Question of Habit, on the visual portrayals of nuns in pop culture (movies, greeting cards, ads of all kinds, even Halloween costumes) versus the reality of who "real" nuns are and what they do. They were here to interview Joan Chittister as one of the most well-known and gifted articulators of the life of women religious in the United States. In addition to the interview they taped the community's Evening Praise and visited some of the community ministries to use as background shots for the film. A producer from the Chicago Sunday Evening Club accompanied the crew and held her own interview of Sr. Joan for her fall appearance on "30 Good Minutes," the CSEC weekly TV interfaith speaker series.