Monday, July 30, 2007

Let Us Pray

There are two main bulletin boards at the Mount. One is for community business and information and is located in a room for the Sisters only. The other, near the gift shop, is for more public messages--nearly half of them asking for prayers. It is not uncommon to see Sisters and guests standing there reading the latest requests. I did this over the weekend and here is a sampling of what I read: "F., a frequent retreatant, is having difficulties and would appreciate our prayer assistance;" "L. a 49 yr old who survived lung cancer, now has 14 lesions in her brain;" "K. the sister of our former Sister Mary S., wants to sell her home and she asks for our prayers;" "Would you please offer some prayers for my Dad?" "Your prayers have been requested for K. for healing of her ankle;" "Please hold my grandnephew M. age 21 in your prayers. He is in critical condition in a hospital. He is now on a respirator. His mother and father are still praying for a miracle. Thank you."

These requests for prayers come directly to Sisters from co-workers, oblates, SBA alumnae, family members, friends and even casual acquaintances. They are included with donations to the community, come from guests after their visit here, and even arrive via anonymous phone calls to our switchboard.

Let us remember these and all the special needs of our friends, families and all the people of God.