Monday, July 16, 2007

Oenothera Missouriensis

Finally the Night-Blooming Evening Primroses are comfortable in their new location. Because of the chapel renovation, they had to be moved for eight months, along with most of the inner courtyard garden plants, to a corner behind the house. All three plants returned in early May, but their first eight weeks have been traumatic as we only saw a bloom here, a single flower there. This week their transition time seems to be complete as multiple, strong, bright yellow flowers have been emerging every evening on all plants.

Visitors never cease to be amazed at this live time-lapse photography event: flowers blooming right before your eyes! An 80-year-old grandmother was as astonished as her 12-year-old grandson just this weekend. I can't recall any visitor who has admitted to seeing this 90-second wonder ever before. Many photograph it and a few have even tried to make a mini-video show. You can see the results of the grand openings at To see it're going to have to come for a visit.