Monday, July 9, 2007

Of the Probing Heart of God

This weekend brought a final monastic profession (final vows) for one of our junior members. It is always a very moving experience. Reflections on one's own years as a perpetually professed member of the community fill everyone's mind. A 150-year-old tradition accompanies this day: the giving of a community title. In past years these titles have ranged from the devotional: Sister Emily of the Sacred Heart; to qualities of Jesus, Mary or the saints: Sister Jeannine of the Patience of Jesus, Sister Pauline of Our Lady of Good Counsel; to events from the gospels: Sister Mary Bernice of the Ascension. Today the given titles are qualities of the faith journey, often particular to the person. Our latest member received this one: Sister Katherine of the Loving Generosity of God. And it fits!