Thursday, September 6, 2007

Before You're a Toddler

This week the schools opened in Erie and the five-year-olds at St. Benedict Child Development Center went off to kindergarten. The Center's largest program is an East Coast Migrant Head Start program for the children of Hispanic migrant workers that come north to work in the grape vineyards, the fruit tree orchards, potato fields, etc. From April through early December, 80-90 newborns to five years old come for 8-12 hours every day. The program is terrific, as it includes meals, health screenings, highly certified teachers and aides, and lots of parent and family education.

Last week the sister in the infant room told me that when the kindergartners left for school, they were getting four new babies, but had to move their four oldest onto the next level. "Oh, to the toddlers room?" I said. "No," she answered, "we're opening a new room: the waddlers room.....for our just-learning-to-walk waddlers!"

Webster: "an awkward clumsy swaying gait." Yep, that's it exactly!

PS. The Erie Seawolves did win the game Monday and now enter the league playoffs.