Thursday, September 20, 2007

Modular Magic

The big news this week is across the street, down near the lake, yet on the Mount grounds: the arrival of the new modular house that will replace 4th Cabin. During summers, 4th Cabin served as housing for Glinodo camp counselors. The rest of the year it gave community members a place for "time away" and also a place where out of town families could stay when visiting community members.

The new place, Benedicta Riepp House, named for the first Benedictine sister in the US, is a little bigger and also a little closer to the lake. It has 2-3 bedrooms, an upper deck with a beautiful lake view, and an outside porch.

Additionally, the former Big House, the central meeting place, kitchen, dining room, and offices for summer camp, will now be available for sisters' families. It has seven bedrooms and maintains the summer camp feel it has had for over 70 years. It, too, has very large north windows overlooking the lake, picnic shelter and pool.

Here's a view of the sunset from either place. Lake Erie from Glinodo.