Monday, November 12, 2007

Volunteer Fire Fighters

This week we host one of the most enjoyable and unique events for our year--our annual dinner for the local (all-volunteer) fire fighters: the Fairfield Fire Department. For many years one of our sisters was a member of this volunteer corps, serving as an EMT on many of their runs.

As we are located outside of the city limits, in Harborcreek Township, we are serviced for fires, emergencies, ambulances, etc. by one of the many volunteer fire departments that exist in the townships, boroughs and small towns that completely surround Erie. Ours is the Fairfield Fire Dept. located just 2 miles down Rte. 5 and the one that services the lake shore area from the city limits outward through Harborcreek. Their area includes our Benetwood Apartments, the large Brevillier Village complex, and Twinbrook Nursing Home, so their most common call is for assistance and/or transport for the elderly.

Each year we invite the dozen or so fire fighters and their families for dinner--often spaghetti. Inevitably they receive a call during the meal, but since they always bring one fire truck and one ambulance with them, the ones on call just excuse themselves, go to answer it and their family packs up their meal and takes it home.

A door prize is one of the highlights of the is always somehow connected to their duties. Last year a large framed cross stitch was featured an old-fashioned firetruck, complete with accompanying dalmatian in the front seat.