Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jolly Ole' Saint Nicholas

Happy St. Nicholas Day! Such a lovely legend especially with the put-out-your-stocking part. Yes, we have stockings here...doesn't seem to matter if you're 5 or 50, 8 or 80...outside of everyone's door on December 6 a stocking appears like magic.

One of our sisters, who has been recovering from bunion and hammer toe surgery for 8 weeks, took the opportunity to make a set of family stockings for each of her siblings' families. She just finished and are they beautiful. Each family's was made with the same red or green material, not plain material, material that had Christmas-y patterns. At the top of each is a 3" band of complementary material and the name of each family member that she cross stitched. They are quite large and could hold a dozen oranges and apples, not just one in the toe!

At our house we use to look forward to the stockings as much or more than the wrapped presents. What do kids get in their stockings these days? Still special, large Sunkist oranges or apples, packs of socks, candy bars and gum, your own private toothpaste and a new brush, and those little hand toys from the dollar stores? Or are they filled with DVDs and CDs and games for the family Wii?

Oh, by the way, here's what was in ours this morning: a pocket pack of kleenex, chapstick, a pad of Christmas post-its, a small bag of M&Ms, 1 fat Tootsie Roll, 1 Cow Tales, 5 Christmas cards, 3 Christmas postcards (already stamped), 1 pack of self-stick gift labels, a 2008 calendar, and a $5 bill. I kept reaching back in: where was that Sunkist orange?

For weather watchers: yesterday's weather in Erie.