Monday, January 14, 2008

Just an ordinary weekend

Photo by Susan Freitag, OSB

Seven dance majors from Mercyhurst College came for Sunday liturgy and performed a lovely liturgical dance for the communion meditation. After mass they stayed and shared a 20-minute excerpt from their Christmas Show. was just beautiful.

At 2:00 pm local Brownie Scout Troop #595, which includes the daughter of our infirmary manager, came for an afternoon of activities to earn their Outdoor Fun Badge! You see, one of our sisters is a recreational therapist extraordinaire. She, along with three sister-helpers and a cooperative mild winter afternoon, gave the seventeen 8-year-olds an afternoon to remember.

Photo by Charlotte Anne Zalot, OSB

Here's what you do to earn your Outdoor Fun Badge: you learn to build a fire, first by making a candy campfire indoors and then by helping to build a real one in the fire pit outdoors; then you learn trail signs and make a trail through the woods; you can even use the outdoor bathroom/tent that was set up between two trees if needed; finally you roast hot dogs and maybe even S'mores over the hot embers. Then it's clean up---restoring the woods and campfire sites---and you've got your Outdoor Fun Badge.

For those who know the set up of our property, the wooded area near the path to Benetwood Apartments was the scene for this Girl Scouting event.

We told our R.T. that she could probably earn six figures as an Events Planner for any national corporation! She just laughed and responded, "Maybe, but what would Brownie Troop #595 do then?"