Monday, January 21, 2008

Thoughts for MLK, Jr Day

Some serious thoughts on the anniversary of a serious and sad moment in our nation's history, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

A number of our sisters will be attending local observances in downtown Erie. Most of our corporately-sponsored ministries have a significant number of attendees who are struggling economically, educationally and personally--these include many African-Americans.

In newspapers, on the web, TV shows--in every media available--there are 100s of columnists offering their commentary on current events. I read only those recommended by astute friends or presented by good writers/observers. Here are two that were published this week. Both reflect on our present political climate and the phenomenon of having a woman and a black man as major contenders for nomination for President.

One is by Anna Quindlan of Newsweek, the other by our Joan Chittister from her NCR webcolumn. Both are excellent...and not too long.

Joan's: "What about the ones who are both sexist and racist?"

Anna's: "The End of Apathy."