Monday, February 18, 2008

Gabriel's Oboe

We have an oboist in our community. Which, I discovered, is quite rare. It fact, our little town is so...well, little...that some of our orchestra groups have to hire oboists from Buffalo or Cleveland to play with them.

It is also not the easiest of instruments to play...lots of lung power needed, just the right shape of the lips, lots of patience. It's a double reed woodwind and they say that musicians that play reed instruments get rather paranoid about their reeds: too soft, too stiff, too thin, too old. They're on the endless search for the perfect reeds...which many oboists end up making themselves.

But with all that, in the season of Lent the oboe takes center stage here and we love it. We have duets with the oboe and keyboard, an occasional oboe solo, and often just brief accompaniments with a sung mantra. Its deep, resonant, haunting sound is perfect for this somber and prayerful season of the year.

Here's a 2-minute piece, "Gabriel's Oboe," from The Mission.

I'm sorry to gloat....but I just can't help it: Eat your heart out!