Thursday, February 28, 2008

Real Issues--Not Just Rhetoric

Many people following the current political campaigns talk about our personality and media elections rather than discussions and awareness of the real issues. Well, two upcoming peace and justice events have been announced this week here in Erie on two such "real issues."

The first will be held today at the Mount. It's a special Evening Praise on the theme of universal health care. It's being organized by our Benedictines for Peace group. If you're not sure of the difference between health insurance and health care, this brief but excellent column from the Philadelphia Inquirer may help: "Health Insurance and Health Care are not the same." The author, a medical doctor, claims that the current candidates, and lots of us, use the terms interchangeably and that they are really quite different.

The second event is a Peace Rally and March marking five years since the U.S. invaded Iraq. It will begin downtown at Perry Square on Sunday, March 9th and is sponsored by the Erie Peace Initiative. One of our sisters is a coordinating member of this group and Benedictines for Peace is a sponsor. Marchers will carry poles of peace cranes in honor of the 4,000 U.S. troops who have lost their lives in Iraq.