Monday, March 31, 2008


"Light through Stained-Glass Windows" comes to the Erie Catholic Diocesan magazine, Faith.

Last month the magazine's editor got wind of this blog and, being in need of a new columnist, contacted me to say how much she liked it and asked me to consider being a columnist for the diocesan bimonthly magazine.

After a weekend of thinking, wondering, worrying, planning and talking with friends and supporters I decided that it would be a great opportunity to share the not-so-generally-known parts of our Benedictine life with the entire diocese and said "yes"---as long as the column could be blog-like---meaning a series of small reflections, not a long 1,000 word essay.

The March-April edition was just distributed throughout our diocese to the tune of 65,000 issues! Just ever so little more than the readership of this blog every week. 65,000---yikes!

It is also online; see Faith.