Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Korean Connection

If you come down our administrative hall...when it's real quiet...and walk along the east wall right past the library, you'll hear this little swooshing noise and then a soft, not really offensive, "clunk, clunk," wood on wood sound.

You've just passed the Rule of Benedict, chapter 72 on The Good Zeal of Monastics...a huge 6' by 3' free-swinging, dowel-framed wall hanging, hand calligraphed in Korean. This beautiful piece, done on some kind of unique paper-like material, was given to the community by the Benedictine Sisters of Daegu, Korea after one of their sisters completed a year of living with us to increase her proficiency in English.

Next week, always a prime time for interesting visitors, the former prioress of their community will be with us for the Triduum of Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. She is on a sabbatical of sorts, studying in Chicago since she left office last fall. Then, in early April, another sister from their community is coming for nine months to spend some time with us.

I can't wait to meet the next two. If they are even half as great as their first sister we'll be thrilled! I wonder if there's some sort of exchange program we could get into!

Photo by Charlotte Anne Zalot, OSB