Monday, March 10, 2008

A Week Off Campus

Eight girls from Ohio Wesleyan University in Columbus, Ohio arrive at the Mount today for a week of alternative spring break volunteerism...a phenomenon of increasing popularity on college campuses.

The director of the Wesleyan program is an oblate of our community and their week is a combination of Benedictine spirituality and ministry experiences.

Every day the girls will experience in-house ministries with options to work in the liturgy, development or wellness offices and infirmary. During the other half of each day they will choose from among community ministries such as St. Benedict Child Development Center, the Neighborhood Art House and Emmaus well as AIM USA and House of Healing that are administered by community members.

They will attend Morning and Evening Prayer and have sharing sessions on aspects of Benedictine life in general and in the particulars of the life as lead by our community. There are also lots of other times to casually interact with all of us.

The week after Easter, March 24-30, a group from Buffalo's Canisius College will be here for a similar program. This is the third or fourth year that we have benefited from this kind of spring break and it is a much-looked-forward-to week by all.