Thursday, March 27, 2008

The West Wing

After a 10-month break, construction "stuff" has returned to the Mount this week, as the second phase of our capital campaign becomes reality: the renovation of some of our residence wings.

There are always two things that announce the beginning of a construction project: the huge, dumpster-like container that is brought up to the building---sometimes it even comes with a long chute coming down from the nearest window---and, of course, the blue Port-a-Potty, placed inconspicuously right out front.

So here we are into construction uproar again, but a necessity for our outdated bedrooms. The first hall for renovation is a set of rooms that will become a kind of assisted living quarters. This hall, on the west side of second floor, will be near helpful services for those who need them.

From the 1968 original design, two smaller rooms will be combined to make one. Doorways will be enlarged, as well as closet space. Right now that space is quite small, inaccessible to all but the hardy "Sure-I-can-climb-up-to-my-ceiling-level-storage-space" sisters.

Anyway, it's another opportunity to practice great patience and Benedictine hospitality! Patience with the noise, the clutter, the ever-present dust, and moving, moving, moving. And hospitality with the endless stream of workers, designers and visitors who parade through our home.

The best part? Sneaking up at night to see what's been done that day...Shhhh...don't tell.