Monday, April 28, 2008

Book Talk

Our Joan Chittister just returned from a 3-day promotional trip for her new book, The Gift of Years. She spoke at three venues: St. Bart's, the large Episcopal congregation in the city, at St. Mark's in nearby New Canaan, CT, and at St. Ignatius Retreat Center on Long Island.

We checked after she returned and the book ranked #1,297 out of their 300,000 some books---quite a coup! And the book really is great. As one of the reviewers, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner wrote, "Joan Chittister is one of the great spiritual teachers of our generation." By the way, his Kabbalah: a love story, was a great read, too.

One more book plug: I just got a copy of one of my very favorite author's latest: Dreamers of the Day by Mary Doria Russell. If you've never given one of her four books a try, do read about them on amazon, on a similar site, or just google her name. She is one very creative and talented writer. I started the new one this weekend and am really trying to go slowly and savor it for a bit. Don't you just love finding a writer whose books you don't want to end--even while you're reading them?!

Springtime in Erie.

Photo by Stephanie Schmidt, OSB