Monday, April 14, 2008

Flora and Fauna = Spring

In the spirit of full disclosure, yes, we had nearly 10' of snow this season--118" to be exact. But, spring really does follow winter, and it's here! Two indisputable proofs showed up this week to put the lid on any debate:

#1) Crocuses and daffodils are up--in full color and heralding spring with all their hearts! One group of crocuses never ceases to amaze. They "live" in a 10' by 4' plot of dirt--not soil, dirt--on the edge of an old asphalt driveway where I work, that is frequented by speeding cars that pay no heed to this border, running over it with regularity, as do the snowplows throughout the winter. For 50 weeks of the year this strip is black and ugly. Every April I swear that this will be the year the crocuses say, "We've had enough; there is no way we're blooming here." And every year they come through again, the first ones of the whole area. They are deep purple, strong and plentiful bloomers, and absolutely miraculous. The daffodils, of course, are everywhere: tall, fragile and lovely. Our local cancer society uses them for a fundraiser every spring and large bouquets don every table and sideboard these weeks.

#2) Our deer have survived the winter. We are seeing them regularly now--most commonly between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. which makes for some suppertime appearances--to the delight of all. They are traveling in little herds. We've seen sixes, fours, and twos, but not many singles. Their coats are still very dark; by July they will be golden.

PS: The early Easter was a disaster for one of our "environment artists," she had no forsythia to put in with the Easter flowers. Lo and behold, this week our forsythia burst forth and proudly joined our mini-gardens throughout the chapel. Next year they should make it for the big day itself: April 12th.