Thursday, May 22, 2008

May-June Faith magazine

The latest edition of our Erie Diocese's magazine, Faith, was just published. For my column I took things I'd already written for this blog and tweaked them a little bit for the magazine audience--which is different from this blog readership!

For this May-June issue I used two posts ("Summer Solstice" and "X Out the Days") pretty much as they were here. In the third I shared one of my friend Ellen Porter's poems, which I have done here, but I used a new poem this time. It's about dragging cancer along like a hermit crab drags its shell. The fourth entry is a revision of something I wrote in the AIM USA Newsletter after I visited the Flanders area of Belgium and reread the poem "In Flanders Fields."

The magazine lays them out as four long vertical pieces, similar to what they look like here. The online version has them in more of a prose style, but here they are if you'd like to take a look: Click here.

Downtown Erie: our bicentennial tower at sunset

Photo by Stephanie Schmidt, OSB