Monday, June 9, 2008

Indoor Windows

At the far east end of each of our first floor residence wings there is a stained-glass window--they are set inside a kind of hall divider, not part of an outside wall. They are from the original motherhouse and were placed in the new additions to these wings in the late 1980s.

Both of them are angels--which is a very comforting thought: to have guardians at the end of the halls all the time.

Speaking of angels, have you seen the summer TV series, Saving Grace? It's about an angel named Earl who can only be seen by a detective, Grace. It is admittedly a little raw, as Grace is a "one of the boys" type of gals in the Oklahoma City setting--but the acting is good and, if you can look beyond the sensational Hollywood parts, it has some pretty good messages about cooperation with grace and one's spiritual journey or the lack of both.

To add a little more spice and religion to the story, Grace's brother is a Catholic priest, her best friend is a Hispanic, Catholic girl, and one of her detective partners is a Native American with all that beautiful spirituality. The religious overtones aren't overtones at all; they're right out there.

Throughout the first season the story line has been inching closer and closer to what Earl's presence in Grace's life is going to produce. I'm hoping that this season we'll see a little more about Grace's response to Earl's attempts to bring her more in touch with her own life, her own spiritual journey, etc. Remember, angels are always messengers and, oh, does this gal have one on her back!

One of our angel windows.

Photo by Mary Miller, OSB