Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monastic Lexicon #3


In 1906, the community purchased 120 acres in Harborcreek Township--some of it bordering the lakeshore and some extending across East Lake Road. In 1969, the Mount was built on the East Lake Road section of the property, but it was preceded by a summer camp for girls that was opened on the lakeshore half of the property in 1930 and named Camp Glinodo.

The acronym-like word, Glinodo, comes from letters in the Latin phrase of the Benedictine motto: "In all things may God be glorified."

In Omnibus Glorificetur Deus.

In 1980 the name Camp Glinodo was changed to Glinodo Conference Center and it operated for over 25 years as a center for environmental studies, spirituality programs, and general use.

Today the environmental program, EarthForce, has its offices at the peninsula-located Tom Ridge Environmental Center, the retreat program is held primarily at the Mount, but is also "taken on the road," and the general usage is limited to sisters' family gatherings and time off/recreation for the community.

It remains a gorgeous piece of land: 1,000 feet of lakeshore, the last quarter mile of Seven Mile Creek, and the quiet wooded home of many birds, small animals, our deer, and occasional fishermen and women.

If you hear anyone in the community say, "I'm going down to camp," they mean that they're going down to the Glinodo side of our property!

Seven Mile Creek

Photo by Ann Muczynski, OSB