Monday, July 21, 2008

Thanks to Our Employees

Yesterday we had our annual Employee Picnic across the street on our Glinodo Center grounds. The community has about 25 full time employees and another dozen or so that are part time, on call, or just fill in when we need them.

They work in our maintenance department, kitchen, housekeeping and, the majority, work in our infirmary.

It was a good old fashioned summer picnic with hot dogs, ox roast sandwiches (this may be only an Erie thing!), potato salad, baked beans and the traditional munchies!

The afternoon held two special highlights: first, the 12 gift baskets that one of our most talented sisters made up as door prizes. One of the "baskets" was a red wagon full of large stuffed animals including a five foot long caterpillar! Another was a red plastic sled (yes, a snow sled--we don't forget our other six months even on an 85 degree July afternoon!). It too was filled with stuffed animals and dolls.

The second highlight was our newly renovated outdoor pool. The kids, and some adults, had a wonderful time in it.

A third highlight was this: How did a thunderstorm that we watched on the weather channel coming through Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, ever miss us? But it did..and the whole afternoon was wonderful.

It's the very least we can do as a small summer thank you to these wonderful people who work along side of us to make our lives and the Mount the place it is--for both residents and guests.

The husband and daughters of our infirmary manager.

One of our do-it-all maintenance men.

A food service gal and her two sons.

Photos by Charlotte Anne Zalot, OSB