Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to Normal

During our summer community days last week, we had our annual Blessing of Ministries ceremony. At that time we all give to the prioress our written support for our community's Corporate Commitment. In turn we each receive the name of a sister for whom we will pray throughout the year. This year we also each received a small, simple wooden Benedictine cross. Although we all receive a community ring at final profession, most of us also wear a Benedictine cross in a variety of sizes and settings, as a kind of unofficial symbol.

After community days it was back to "normal life."

On normal days many of us travel along Route 5, East Lake Road, back and forth from the Mount to Erie or visa versa. Along these 7 miles we pass the General Electric plant, the upcoming tire recycling site, a strip tease bar, the oldest part of inner city residences and small corner stores, bars and establishments of all kinds. Although there are some spruced up places, this passage would not be known, generally, for its scenery.

However, with my new camera in hand, and therefore with new eyes for such, I am seeing some of the hidden beauty along the way. You just have to be more on the lookout for it!

This was about 3 feet from the curb where busy traffic whizzes by in front of the proposed
tire recycling plant. It was much prettier than I caught on camera but the next day--it was all mowed away!

Here's a large swatch of orange lilies right across the street from the strip bar!

Wonder if the patrons look at it, too?!