Monday, August 25, 2008

Ellen Porter, OSB

Ellen Porter, OSB
July 2, 1948-
August 21, 2008

She was a California girl--who visited a friend here in Erie thirteen years ago and ended up staying for the rest of her life, trading the scenic beauty of the mountains and valleys of the west for the four seasons--including 90" of snow each winter--of the Great Lakes plains.

She traded her Episcopal roots for Roman Catholicism in order to enter the community she said she loved--the community she found here. After seeking for 40+ years, she'd found "home."

And we were blessed to have had her in our presence.

Ellen was also a musician and this photo shows her drumming during one of our events.

Here is a perfect portrait of our Ellen, as written by Mary Lou Kownacki for her prayer card.

Come, let us praise our God.
Let the soaring mountains and giant redwood
leap in praise.
Let all poets and lovers of the Word sing a verse.
Let wisdom figures of all great spiritual traditions
lift a prayer.
Let peacemakers and compassion seekers
bow in honor.

For our dear sister, Ellen Porter,
--this steady mountain of truth
--this gifted poet
--this magnet to God in monastic life
--this deep pool of peace
--this woman of rare integrity
--this heart of boundless friendship
has graced our lives and left a valued memory
of how precious is each single breath we breathe.

We are grateful, O God, for the priceless gift of a life
that will impact our own for days upon end. Amen

Her full obituary can be read here.
Her poetry is here at