Thursday, August 21, 2008

Library Light

Whenever an attic, a basement, a garage or even just a cupboard has to be cleaned out or rearranged not only is cleaning and moving done, but the opportunity is taken for a good weeding out. That's exactly what has been happening in our library since it was upended in mid-February. On the floor it was getting a new carpet and in the ceiling lots of tiles had to come down so that the electricians and plumbers could get into the pipes et al. that are above the library but below the 2nd floor rooms that are being renovated.

All of that is done now and, finally, the new windows are being put in. I think we'll be seeing our "old library" re-emerging in a matter of days.

The first of the new windows are installed. View from the outside: the upper floor is the library. The older windows are still on the lower level. No more leaks, no more loss of heat!

View from the inside looking east.