Monday, September 1, 2008

End of Summer

Our sisters involved in the elementary and secondary school systems, Sisters Mary Ellen (Villa Maria), Katherine (St. Luke's) and Veronica (All Saints), are a week back into the new school year already. Best of luck to them as they continue their outstanding dedication to grade school and high school teaching.

Hopefully there will still be many summer-like days in September. Here is a look at the Labor Day scene at our own state park, Presque Isle, which many sisters will probably visit this weekend--after all, it's also where you'll find Sara's--home of the best orange-vanilla twist ice cream cones in the city!

Kayaking in the Presque Isle marina channel.

Sails are down when coming through the channel.

One of the larger boats that docks at the Presque Isle marina.

And finally, this is Ferncliff--a small "village" of a dozen or so homes located right on the bay--literally. The only access is by the Erie Yacht Club road or by boat. The residents park their cars nearby and navigate the one lane pier walkway to their home. The buildings are narrow, attached and right over the water--oozing uniqueness. See this link for a closer look at Ferncliff Beach.

Photo by Stephanie Schmidt, OSB, probably taken from the Victorian Princess during our Community Day's riverboat luncheon cruise last summer.