Monday, September 22, 2008

Endings and Beginnings


The last week of summer brought the annual Taste of the Arts fundraiser for our Inner-City Neighborhood Art House. Featuring performances and a silent auction of works by Erie's best artists, this yearly September event brings supporters from throughout Erie to the 10th and Holland after-school and summer program. Their latest newsletter can be found here.

This year's theme was "Come and See"---everyone left with a special pair of spectacles!

As always, the children stole the show.


And this morning we welcomed autumn to the four-season part of the northern hemisphere. Here is the opening "Call to Worship" which also brought forth all pieces of the environment for the day's prayer.

"Out of the blooms of summer solstice comes the bounty of autumnal equinox. In the quiet of morning, here in this hallowed space, in the presence of each other, let us set the environment for prayer.

I call forth the table tapestry.
I call forth the poplar and weeping willow branches.
I call forth the annabelle, the lace cup and the oak leaf, hydrangeas.
I call forth the pods and seeds of the purple cone flower, the black-eyed Susan, the sunflower, and the peony.
I call forth the apples from our orchard.
I call forth the sedum, the hosta and the marigolds.
I call forth the candles and the cross.
I call forth the Rule and the Scripture.

Let us arise singing our hymn, for the day has come..."

Photos by Charlotte Anne Zalot, OSB