Thursday, September 11, 2008

Library Browsing

I am a library browser--as perhaps you are. I love to walk up and down the aisles between the stacks. I usually do it on the run however, but every now and then I get to spend 45-60 minutes browsing in the main downtown library or in our area branch on Iroquois Avenue that was recently rebuilt to look like an old train station. (It is located near a GE plant that specializes in train locomotives.)

But the one I most often browse through is our own at the Mount and--ta-da--finally the second half of the new carpet is down and I expect the full library to be rearranged into its "old self" again soon. I can't wait! I'm sure many other sisters, visitors and oblates--not to mention the patient librarians--can't wait either.

We've missed it.