Monday, October 27, 2008

Everybody loves October

The first lady of California, Maria Shriver, held her annual Women's Conference last Wednesday. Our Sr. Joan Chittister was among the invited speakers. If you'd like to hear her remarks, go to this site and click on Replay of Webcast. She was part of the Luncheon Session and her remarks begin at about the 1 hr.43 min. mark.

After her presentation she met the Irish singer-activist, Bono, who thought her remarks were terrific.

To hear Joan read from one of her latest books, go here and click on the Audio tab on top.

One of my friends urges me to take my camera with me wherever I go. So I do. And this week I got a few nice shots of Erie in October. Enjoy!

Right outside our back door at about 5:30 p.m.

Horseshoe Pond at Presque Isle and the houseboat community.

Atop the Tom Ridge Environmental Center's tower: Waldemeer's new roller coaster, Ravine Flyer II, with Lake Erie in the background.

On the way to work this week--the eastern sky at sunrise--7:30 a.m.