Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mothers and Daughters

Our annual invitation to the residents of Benetwood Apartments, the 75-unit HUD apartment complex right behind the Mount, was this week and a large majority of the residents came to join the community for prayer and supper.

A couple years ago, in celebrating its 25th year, the Sister administrators added a beauty shop and a computer room to the complex. Both are always full, especially the computer lab. These independent-living seniors have really caught onto emailing their out-of-town grandchildren and relatives. "They love it," from all reports.

Four mothers of community members live at Benetwood right now. And here are the mother-daughter combinations from the event.

Helen Heher and her mother.

Cindy Hoover and her mother.

Annette Marshall and her mother.

Karen (center) and Christine Kosin and their mother.

Photos by Susan Freitag, OSB