Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Trio of Topics

Over the past two weeks we've had what I would call three "information sessions" on current topics of local, national and personal interest.

1) The first was on the proposed tire recycling plant that is set to be built just 4 miles west of us, inside the city limits, and in the midst of residential neighborhoods. Representatives from both the recycling group and the local environmental coalition spoke of their concerns/plans and answered questions asked by community members.

2) The second presentation was on the US bishop's document "Faithful Citizenship." “They give advice on how to make the best decisions without totally disregarding what the church teaches and without totally disregarding the ambiguity that each election offers,” says Sister Dorothy Stoner, who will lead several presentations of this document preceding the national elections, November 4. These presentations are a joint venture between the Benedictine Sisters of Erie and the Erie Diocese’s Office of Parish Social Ministry/Respect Life.

3) The third talk was given by our own infirmarian and other health professionals. It was on colon-rectal screening and diet, nutrition and general good health concerns. Colon rectal cancer is the third most common cancer for both men and women in this country.

All three of these presentations were held at the Mount and were attended by many community members.

Photo by Bernadette Sullivan, OSB