Thursday, November 20, 2008

Days in Rome

This week I am in Rome for the annual meeting of the AIM International Council. We are staying at the "Casa," the generalate of the largest Benedictine community of women, the German-origin Tutzing congregation. They have over 1,400 sisters and have communities in 19 countries, including large groups in Brazil, the Philippines, South Korea, Tanzania and Germany itself.

Even though email makes communication a daily event, I'm not really up on the "daily" back home. I know the choir that is going to sing at the SBA Alumnae Christmas Dinner, December 2, had its last rehearsal this Wednesday. It is made up of about 100 women--SBA alum and Sisters. On Monday was our annual dinner for the Fairfield Fire Fighters and their families. They are the volunteer department that services our area.

When I was in Belgium in October, everyone I met wanted to talk about the U.S. presidential election and how I thought the chances for an incoming Democratic presidency looked. This time it is exactly the same except instead of the questionning and serious faces, I am met with wide grins and silent congratulations and thanks. So many of the monks and nuns here are well-versed in international politics and many have American connections, so they can discuss issues from the states with broad knowledge. It is a real pleasure to talk with them.

P.S. I also know from checking the weather sites that I missed the first big lake effect snow storm of the season: 4-6" at our place and 12"+ south of I-90. And here it's sunny and 60+ degrees.