Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Ends-Winter Still Going

Liturgically we have reached the end of the Christmas season and a short respite of six weeks of Ordinary Time before Lent begins--February 25. In Erie, winter continues on with 10" of snow falling last Friday alone, and then a little more that "piled on" over the weekend. Thought you might enjoy a few views around the Mount.

Beside the front entrance.
Those little "lumps" are bushes.

Mary in the inner courtyard.

Three gorgeous evergreens at the Troupe Road
side entrance.

We laugh at a foot of snow! Into the woods, down to the lake, and one sled ride each down the Glinodo hill--and we didn't even have to call the EMT's!

In another vein, two of our sisters are in Merida, Mexico this week, visiting the diocesan sponsored Mission of Friendship, run by two of our oblates. A few years ago they started an active oblate group there and our prioress and oblate director traveled south to oversee the entrance of new members into the group. Quite shocking for them--not the oblates, the temperature: high today was 93.

Morning and Evening Prayer for Ordinary Time (see side bar).