Monday, January 19, 2009

An Historic Day

Since many of us are more in sync with the Democratic party's philosophy than the Republican's, the inauguration of Barack Obama and a Democratic congress make this week an exciting time. There's even an Inauguration lunch set up at the Mount for all employees and sisters: noon prayer and lunch with CNN on the community room's large screen TV!

In this vein, let me encourage you to check regularly the new BFP, Benedictines for Peace, website (see side bar). They are making great efforts to keep current issues of interest, local, national and international, on this site. Whether you are a strong or quiet activist or just like to be knowledgeable on topics of justice and peace, this is a good place to find them, especially ones that community members and oblates are engaged in.

Unusual for our area at this time, a snow bunting at Glinodo.

Photos by Jo Clarke, oblate.