Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monastic Lexicon #7

Chapter 57

The Rule of Benedict has 73 chapters. The title of chapter 57 is "Artisans of the Monastery." Therefore, when it came time to find a name for the gift shop at the Mount, the name Chapter 57 was chosen.

Makes perfect sense if you know all of this. Without it, however, it sounds a little strange at first: "Where is Chapter 57?" "When is Chapter 57 open?" "You can buy it in Chapter 57."

Chapter 57 is one of those, not-a-Hallmark stores. It has a lot of unique things including first-class handmade items by ours sisters: candles, wood-turned pieces, ceramics, craft jewelry, cards and framed photographs. There is also a large selection of Joan Chittister's books, items from the children at the Neighborhood Art House and native people of El Salvador, and Mount St. Benedict sweatshirts and T-shirts.

It's a very special part of our monastery.

PS. Sr. Irene's famous bread and bakery items aren't sold there--sorry! You have to get those on Sunday mornings or put in a special order.