Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to Korea

This is a very sad day for us. After a 10-month sabbatical in Erie with our community, Sr. Elia Lee, OSB, of the Benedictine Sisters of Daegu, Korea returns home this week.

Elia, who came with the intention of improving her English, met that goal very well. Her understanding is perfect and her speaking became so clear that she was able to overcame nervousness and take the Solo reader part during many prayer periods. She also reached the point of understanding our crazy jokes and puns--and even making her own--a sure sign, some say, of the conquering of a language.

The only thing we won't miss is Elia's unending fascination with and prayers for SNOW! "Stop, Elia, stop your praying," we insisted, after our season passed 100 inches. But, it was too late. We're now at 138" and within 12" of the all-time Erie seasonal record. I guess we'll have no trouble remembering her year with us: 2008-09 the record snowfall winter!

Thanks for everything, Elia; it was just wonderful to get to know you and have you with us. The worldwide Benedictine family is a truer reality to all of us now because of knowing you. Thanks, too, for this gorgeous view of Lake Erie down at Glinodo. It's just perfect!

Photo of Lake Erie by Elia Lee, OSB

Photo of Elia in native dress by Susan Freitag, OSB