Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lent Begins

For Wednesday and Friday table reading this Lenten season we are reading Australian Trappist Michael Casey's An Unexciting Life: reflections on Benedictine spirituality. We were fortunate to have this renowned monastic author and lecturer for retreat a few years back.

This announcement of the selection of one of his books for reading sent me to his community's website to see What's New. Unfortunately, what's new is the destruction the Tarrawarra Abbey community suffered by the bushfires that swept southeastern Australia last month. Their losses were minimal, but still devastating. As I was browsing through the array of photos presented there---a number set up in a before and after setting---I thought to myself what a profound experience it would be to have ashes from those fires used as their Lenten ashes this year. Maybe they did just that.

New: Morning-Evening Prayer for Lent (see sidebar).