Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving Week

It's moving week at the Mount. The seven sisters who have been in the ground floor guest rooms for 9 months are moving back to first floor north into more spacious and updated bedrooms.

The sisters who need quite a bit of assistance are moving back to second floor north, into rooms with doorways and bathrooms that more easily accommodate wheelchairs and other home health care equipment.

And, finally, in a week or two, another dozen or so sisters will be moving into the west hall of second floor, another set of rooms with larger spaces and bathrooms that facilitate their current needs.

Yes, it is a little crazy, but everyone is trying hard to have good spirits and everybody is helping everybody else so it's going pretty well.

Here's a quick peek at some of the areas, minus the furniture which wasn't all moved in at the time I took these yesterday. On the left is a walk-in closet, alcove on 2nd north. On the right is our recycled community room ceiling lights that are now in the new large Common Room which is at the junction of the two 2nd floor halls. They look great there.

Here is the junction of the two 2nd floor halls. They form an L, with this nurses' station at the intersection.