Monday, February 2, 2009

Steeler Country

Erie is just 100 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of the professional football team: the Pittsburgh Steelers--who made their 6th trip to the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Yes, Steeler-mania hit big this past week, including two "monastic football pools," black and yellow sweatshirts, posters, terrible towels and our annual Super Bowl party, which took on a special character this year because of the participation of Erie's favorite team. (Ok, there are some Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills fans around, but Erie is primarily a Steeler town!)

Included here is the epitome of Steeler frenzy from YouTube--lots of fun and a much needed diversion from the record-setting snowfall we're having this winter. Don't even ask, it's well past the "Isn't it pretty--a beautiful white wonderland" stage.

Pittsburgh Steelers-Super Bowl XLIII Champs 27-23!

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