Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break Times Two

We're experiencing a "spring break" in two ways this week. Saturday afternoon six girls from Ohio Wesleyan arrived to spend their spring break week with us. This is the third year for the program and everyone enjoys their visit very much. The coordinator is one of our oblates. One of the highlights of Sunday night's get-to-know-you social was their teaching Rock-Paper-Scissors to some of our sisters who had never played it! Much fun--good laughs.

The second "spring break" is in the form of weather. It was 64 on Friday and nearly hit 60 again Saturday. After the winter we've had, it was heaven! Also, the deer sightings are back. We've seen up to 5 on our property and last Thursday one sister witnessed the highly unusual sight of 10 deer trying to cross East Lake Rd about 4 miles into town near a residential area. She said that luckily it happened slow enough for all the traffic to come to a stop for this rare viewing.

Here's an entry in the March Art Show by Stephanie Schmidt, OSB. Very creative cross section-type strips of her photograph.