Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Week

We are still all pleasantly "recovering" from the liturgically rich and busy days of Holy Thursday through Easter Sunday.

So many of our guests told us that the services, especially the two morning tenebraes, the Saturday night vigil of Easter and Easter Sunday itself were some of the best they've experienced here. Our celebrant, a diocesan priest who has been with us for 10 years, but never presided at the Holy Week services, was especially complimentary, saying that the vigil service was the best he's ever experienced in his entire life--high praise and greatly appreciated.

As we continue to try to settle into our ordinary routines, within this "week after," we are equally blessed with early spring days. April is an iffy month in Erie, sometimes cold and wintry, some years warm and spring-like. I think we have one of the latter this year--thank goodness.

Here are more spring favorites from our area:

Daffodils that grow up on one side of this old wire fence and bloom on the other!

A family of nuthatches and a pair of cardinals have become the first visitors to my new window feeder. I'm not very good at "capturing" them yet--more to come as I improve. Here's what one looks like when photographed by a professional.

All of the hummingbird feeder tenders are getting ready--May 1st is a good time to get those up in our area.