Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring on Seven-Mile Creek

A morning spring walk this week along Seven-Mile Creek as it winds its way through our property. This walk starts at Glinodo's entrance on East Lake Road, cuts in from the road to Kraus Path right alongside the creek, and ends at our shoreline of Lake Erie. Enjoy!

Daffodils grow up right in the woods every year.

The water is low in spots, revealing the shale.

Groups of early May Apples are everywhere on our grounds.

Deeper spots make the best fishing holes.

It's easy to spot cardinals these days.

This pretty ground cover is really an invasive plant.

Every winter some trees become firewood.

Two or three pure white hyacinths come up each year right on the bluff's edge where the creek turns.

Little waterfalls occur as the creek winds its way north.

Ah, at last: the lake!