Thursday, May 21, 2009

Resurrection Week

We continue to have a week of "resurrections." Following the funeral of Sister Karen and Christine's brother last Saturday, the brother of one of our longtime and terrific cooks, Annie, died suddenly. He was only in his late 50s. Sisters attended the service yesterday at a local funeral home.

Tuesday night we hosted a wonderful prayer and memory service for Conrad Kraus, attended by many of his extended family members, community members and numerous friends that he made throughout his assignments and involvements in the diocese. Wednesday many community members were participants in his funeral liturgy, also.

In the midst of this another former celebrant of our Eucharists, Fr. Jim Sperry, died. He was just short of his 94th birthday. And then, our Sr. Mary Ann Keating, too, went to heaven Tuesday afternoon, quietly and peacefully. Her memory service will be tonight, with a funeral liturgy Friday afternoon.

This link is to the obituaries of our local newspaper if you'd like to read about any of these great people who graced our lives so beautifully.

Here is a gong that we sometimes use in our prayer. This was taken when it was hung against tan bricks in the chapel. Now it would hang in front of tan ceramic tile, but the effect is the same and sometimes even the reflections of the nearby windows are, too.

Photo by Bernadette Sullivan, OSB