Monday, May 25, 2009

The Spirit is Coming

On Sunday we began one of our favorite weeks--the coming of Pentecost. Some of the best things about this week are the songs. All of our "spirit" songs come out, some for their only appearance in the year. They are many, upbeat, melodic and inspiring. We'll sing a couple dozen of them over the next 10 days and they really are great.

Our celebrant Sunday began his homily with, "I think I've got to get a room here"! Everyone enjoyed a good laugh, as he has been the presider at most of the 6 liturgies and 2 memory services we've had during the last nine days.

Here is some new life I found amidst the deaths we've been "celebrating." For even with these celebrations there is a lot of sadness. These scenes make it a little easier.

The west wall of the inner courtyard with its border of usually green bushes in full bloom this week. Beautiful!

And in a corner, hidden from sight even through most windows, really only seen by those who know they are here--or who go into the courtyard and come upon them by surprise--this gorgeous lineup of blue irises. WOW!