Thursday, June 4, 2009


We are woods wanderers. Most nights we manage to spend 30 minutes to an hour roaming through the woods that surround the monastery, extend back to Benetwood Apartments and all the way across East Lake Road to the lake.

One of our favorite areas is near our hermitages, as that is the deers', too. It was a perfect location to build them, as our guests continually tell us of the wildlife they see out the windows and on their way to and fro.

Here is the signpost at the intersection of the paths. Can you see Scholastica hermitage through the woods in the right photo? There it is, on its stilts, when you get a little closer.

Good luck if you try for a reservation now. You might get lucky or catch a cancellation, but they are just about booked solid--April through October.

New Morning and Evening Prayer for Ordinary Time.