Monday, June 1, 2009

May did not disappoint

The month of May ended gloriously with Pentecost Sunday--a beautiful, spirit-filled celebration. Here is the poem that was read as part of the Vigil of Pentecost.

Apocalypse by Edith Lovejoy Pierce

God is coming!
Hear the wind of the Spirit
Rushing through the upper reaches of the mind.

Bolt no door, turn no key:
Roof will be shaken from floor.

Hear the crash of wall,
The fall of tree, and the sound of towers that smash.

Never came such a gale on earth,
Fanning spark to flame.

Nothing is safe but flung seed,
Spun spray, birds' wings
And flower petals that weigh nothing at all.

Nothing is safe but what flies, what sings;
Nothing dies but what is strong.

Prepare for the wheels of the wind
Racing through the upper air!

The atmosphere quivers and shakes,
The world quakes:
God is coming.
The Holy Spirit is here!

The outdoor world of spring continues with these final shots of May: a rainbow during an early evening soft rainstorm last Friday night. I acted just like a professional photographer--as I was driving when I saw it and pulled right off the road. It was the first time I wished I'd had a $1,000 camera!

Our night-blooming evening primroses are erupting. We must have a dozen plants now and this one actually had about a dozen flowers one night. It was overcast and a bit dark the morning after, about 7:15 a.m., when I caught this picture of 1/2 of them still open and 1/2 beginning to close and die after their one-night life. Our chief gardener told me she'd gladly give one of our many little primrose plants to anyone who would like one. Just let me know.

Photo by Columba Kim, OSB

Another sister from the Benedictine Sisters of Daegu, South Korea is visiting us for a month. The first night we took her on a long walk around our property and voila! a deer at the newly placed salt lick. She caught this with her camera.

New Morning and Evening Prayer for Ordinary Time.